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I thank you this

Re: Guruvayurappan Murti

Hello Narayana,
Today I received the Guruvayoorappan statue.
It has met my expectations. I thank you this
Thanks & Regards
Amrith Anandan

Hari Om

Today the Prabhai has been installed in our Temple in Takoli.I am fully satisfied. It looks very beautiful.
Divine Blessings and Pranams
Swami Satchidananda Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas Swami Omkarananda Saraswati MargMuni-ki-reti Via Rishikesh, P.O. Shivanandanagar 249192 Distt. Tehri Garhwal, Uttaranchal, Himalayas.

Namasthe sir


Namasthe sir. I received the meru today evening. I am satisfied with the workmanship. Thank you so much. Ur efforts are clearly seen on the meru

Siva kumar
G. Siva kumar

Divine Kalasam Received

Namasteji, The Kalasam arrived and, after figuring out the puzzle of putting it together, it looks Divine. Questions: What is the small copper piece for through the bottom hole? And, the next metal rod through the holes. What is done with that? Are the sides generally cut off? We will send the shipping charges. The Kalasam will grace the top of our Ashram Mandir. Hope you had joyous Kartika/Sivalaya Deepam. What an auspicious day for the Kalasam to arrive! Aum Shanti, Swami Param

Swami Param

Classical Yoga Hindu Academy

82 Memorial Dr.

Barnegat, New Jersey, United States Of America NJ 08005

Phone: 609-607-0846

Idol Shipment

Namaste Mr. Iyer,
All statues including Yama, have been arrived 3 days before.Polished details of each status is very satisfactory.
Two observations.
1. Indra is taller than Narashimha and other 6 inches status.(Is the size variation is accepted in terms of status size and proportion rule in scripts?)
2. one foot of Indra kicks out of its packing material.(no visible damage found at any statue.)

Anyway I feel strong presences of dieties. So I trust puja for each statue has performed very well.
I have to travel from Monday and will do my first puja once I returns from my business trip.(today is very good day to place the statues at my worshiping table, as this is a new year day in South India!)
Thank you very much all the efforts to deliver the high quality status to all the way to Japan. It is worth waiting.
Namaste Takashi Araki.

Very nice

Sairam Narayanan,
Looks very nice.

Thank YouGuna Chunduri248-730-5461

Sri Shirdi Saibaba Temple ,

28875 W.Seven Mile Road,

Livonia- MI 48152 USAPh: 1-866-222-2789



Namaskaram Sir,
I received the idols today, I would like to thank you heartily for the amazing work you have done. I would also Like to apologize for pressurizing or rather monitoring you and your work as we (Mauritians) have often been cheated by many Indians, that is the reason that I was little bit apprehensive to order idols from India through internet rather than being physically there to purchase it.
I really appreciate that you have come up my expectations fully. Please continue the good job and hopefully will get back to you for other orders for my temple.

Neelesh Naik


Dear Mr Iyer,
Thank you so much for the shipping information, which we have just received. We deeply appreciate your kindness, your professionalism and your reliability.

Kindest regards,
Eugene and Valerie Toker
Brisbane, Australia

: Mahalakshmi Panchaloha Idol From Kanakkadara Divine Services

Thank you sir. Got the idol. Sorry for the delay in confirming. I was on vacation. It''s very beautiful.

Lucky to get the Koorma Peeta Sri Chakra from an experienced person like you

Dear Mr Narayanan Iyer,
I hope with the help and pooja of the Kurma Peeda Mahameru ill attain the wealth to also buy this masterpiece conch. Meanwhile ill also forward itI would also like to thank you for the completion of the Kurma Peeda Mahameru, I appreciate it, and I''m lucky to get it done by a experienced person like you. The mode of payment ill arrange it by this week. Ill inform to you once I have transferred the money, thank you very much for sending it first before the payment is being made.
Thank You,Kind Regards,Hari Krisna Rao.

9" x 9" Large Mahameru Very good

Dear Mr. iyer,
We opened the box in the temple. It is very good. The priests also appreciated it.
It is placed by the side of the main deity, of raja rajeswari. I got a suitable heavy plate of pancha loha also for 3000/- weighing about 4 kg., locally made to order.
Thank you


dear Mr. iyer,i received the item. I have not opened the crate. You did a good thing by putting in a wooden crate.I will present it in raja rajeswari Alayam on Thursday. It will be opened in the temple itself.Thank you

PRAN Prathista

Dear Narayanan,

Please find the puja pics below. It was awesome. Thank you for coming into my life :-)))

repeat order

Dear Mr Iyer,
This note concerns the 9 inch lingam with its stone stand, which we wish to purchase. Mr James Huddleston has corresponded with you on our behalf. Would you please send us an invoice, so that we can deposit the required the full value advance amount in your bank account.
Some months ago, we bought from you that beautiful 3 foot lingam, which we deeply value.

Kind regards,
Eugene and Valerie Toker
Brisbane, Australia

PS Enclosed is a picture of the lingam and its stand which we wish to purchase.

Very Happy With The Supply Of Wooden Temple


From: Padman Aiyer
Sent: Thursday, December 10, 2015 4:50 PM
To: Iyer Kanakkadara Divine Services
Subject: Re: Delivery of Puja Mandapam



Dear Sir,
The Mandapam was received today. I must say that it looks very good and thanks for your efforts. We are very happy with the result.


Superb Workmanship Of 14 Inch Ganesha Panchaloha Idol


Dear Sir,

  1. I have received the 14'' Panchloha Lord Ganesha Idol

     Your workmanship is superb, excellent no words for it.

   The divinity really reflects just by seeing the idol. Really brilliant work.



Badlapur(E)-421 503



Dear Sir,


The finished photos are absolutely spectacular. You can ship the Sri Maha Meru. Kindly take at most care while packing. Once dispatched let me have the details.

Work Is So Fine


Dear Mr. Iyer,


I acknowledge receipt of the statue of Lord Venkatachalapathi today through DTDC courier. Thanking you so much for your special attention and care to send the same before I leave to USA. The work is so fine. Will be in touch with you after i return from the states in a month or two.


Best regards

Vinod P.P.

You all are blessed souls and doing amazing service to this society.



Dear Sir,


I have received the Maa along with Bala, and she gave me an evidence that she is indeed present in the Maha Meru you created by disappearing as a photo in my temple in place of this Maha meru. I will take care of her by all my love and affection.


Thanks a lot for your effort and work. You all are blessed souls and doing amazing service to this society.


I wish that in very near future I can again avail your services once I get my own house.


Jai Mataji..


Thanks and Regards,


18601 NE 61st Court, Unit# V301,Redmond, 98052, Washington, USA. Cell: +1 425 531 5172 Email: pathak.cv@gmail.com


Excellent work & very helpful after sales as well


Iyer Sir,


I have received the statue today. It is fantastic and the art work is excellent.


I also appreciate you helping me sort out the Fedex issue via Mr. Prem.


Thank you again.




Dr. Kiren Kodali Australia

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